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Lillstreet Studios

At Lillstreet Art Center we want to support the artists in our midst. We have studio spaces that host over 35 different artists.  Artist Studio's are open to the public, so please stop by and check out the amazing artwork that is happening here!

Lillstreet's Studio Member of the Month

Edith Robertson - Studio 304A (Third Floor)

I am a Studio Jeweler and a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). Since 2006 I have had a studio at Lillstreet. Patience is not my forte except when I work in metals. It soothes me! It makes me content. I love to do married metals (combining different colors of metal), which have to be soldered and then become my inspirations for pieces such as hollow constructed “beads,” pendants, etc.

My inspirations come from many sources: nature, sculpture, unusual colored stones, found objects (rocks, beach glass, coral, etc). Sometimes my designs and ideas stem from dreams (I will actually see a finished piece). I don't often sketch, but instead play with the metal and stones until I arrive at what seems to be a satisfactory solution. It gives me great pleasure to do custom work. I can take a stone from a sentimental piece of jewelry or an heirloom and create a contemporary setting for it; be it a ring or pendant.

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